You Won't Believe How the Clinton Campaign Selected A Vice President Candidate

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More comedy gold from John Podesta via Wikileaks.

Apparently, Podesta was in charge of selecting potential vice presidential candidates for vetting.


Here are the groups with commentary


Here we have the Hispanic food group…

Javier Becerra Julian Castro Eric Garcetti Tom Perez Ken Salazar

The lady parts food group…

Tammy Baldwin Kirsten Gillibrand Amy Klobuchar Claire McKaskill Jeanne Shaheen Debbie Stabenow Elizabeth Warren


Michael Bennet Sherrod Brown Martin Heinreich Tim Kaine Terry McAuliffe Chris Murphy Tom Vilsack

Black food group…

Steve Benjamin Corey Booker Andrew Gillum Eric Holder Deval Patrick Kasim Reed Anthony Foxx

Military food group…

John Allen Bill McCraven Mike Mullen

The Democrat-voting 1% food group…

Mary Barra Michael Bloomberg Ursula Burns Tim Cook Bill Gates Melinda Gates Muhtar Kent Judith Rodin Howard Schultz

And last but not least, the crazy old man food group…

Bernie Sanders

There you have it. This is how the Democrats see America, just a collection of whiney special interest groups to be placated, rewarded, and played off one against the other. The other interesting thing is that Podesta was willing to nominate people whose names he could not even spell correctly. I’ll leave it to you to find them.


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