Hillary Clinton Tries To Play the "Poor Little Woman" Card (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton Tries To Play the "Poor Little Woman" Card (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton was on the Ellen DeGeneres show today complaining about Donald Trump being all meany pants to her in the last debate.

Speaking to host Ellen DeGeneres on an The Ellen DeGeneres Show episode airing Friday, Clinton said she thinks Trump was trying to “stalk” her around the stage because he was upset about the recently leaked video in which he speaks very crudely about women.

“Because of the revelation of the public video, and everything that came out on Access Hollywood, you know, he was really all wrought up, and you could just sense how much anger he had,” Clinton said, ABC reports. “And so, he was really trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage.”

“It was so odd, because I’d go to talk to somebody,” she continued, “and I would just feel this presence behind me, and you know, I thought, ‘Whoa this is really weird.’”

The best you can say about this is that the same brain disorder that allowed this disreputable old hag to not remember anything about her email server has now begun to warp her perceptions of the present. What it actually is is rank lying and political opportunism. She is trying to use the exact same attack she used against Rick Lazio in her 2000 race for the US Senate. She and her flying monkeys in the press turned a nothingburger into a campaign ending event for Lazio. Is that how she’s going to deal with Vladimir Putin? By going on a television and complain to an audience of similarly failed women about how mean he was? Criminy, I feel safer already.

Let me say up front that I find Hillary Clinton to be one of the most loathsome and despicable creatures to ever emerge on the national political stage. She manages to make both Nixon and LBJ look like Christian role models. She is a person devoid of virtue, human or feminine. She is a fraud who has slept her way to the presidency.

But what is really galling is that this aged embittered crone is running for the presidency and yet she gets the vapors and retires to her fainting couch whenever the going gets tough. She has spent her entire life degrading femininity and abusing less fortunate women and yet at the first sign of danger she immediately falls back on the “I’m a woman and you can’t be mean to me” crap. In all respects, she and Donald Trump are merely the opposite side of the same coin.

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