Claire McCaskill Unleashes A Volley Of Trump-Sized Stones On Her Own Glass House

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., talks to reporters, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010, as she walks to the Democratic policy luncheon. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

As we at RedState have predicted for months, the Democrats are seizing upon everyone of the multitude of offensive, stupid and uninformed statements by Donald Trump and attempting to tie them to GOP candidates up and down the ballot. One such case of this is Missouri’s answer to the Addams Family’s Uncle Fester, Claire McCaskill.


Yesterday, McCaskill began attacking Missouri politicians who might at some time have supported Trump by linking them to the favorite bête noire of geriatric progressive harpies, Todd Akin.

“When Todd Akin said what he said in 2012, he used confused science to try to make a point based on his ideology which he strongly believed in… That is nothing like what Donald Trump has said. It is so unfair to Todd Akin to compare what Donald Trump has said to what Todd Akin said…Republican politicians in Missouri all called on Todd Akin to step down… I’m trying to figure out why this is different. Why aren’t they calling on Donald Trump to step down, unless they think Todd Akin being confused about science somehow is more serious than saying that you want to have sex with married women and think because you’re powerful that you can grab a woman’s genitals.”

She followed up on Twitter

McCaskill can’t be bothered with facts,  as Missourinet notes, Ann Wagner has actually withdrawn her support from Trump— so there’s that.

Second, McCaskill might not be the right Missouri Dem to be calling out Republicans for continuing to support Trump— misguided though they surely are– considering that, well, McCaskill’s husband has what RedState alumnus Jeff Emanuel described in 2006 as a “history of gross domestic violence and spousal abuse. What specific violence and abuse was Jeff talking about? From his post:


According to the police report (.pdf file), Mrs. Shepard said of her husband:

‘Joseph entered my home. I told him to leave. He came up to me looking angry. I put my hands up to protect my breasts as they are sore (cancer). He has hit me before in the breast. He grabbed my wrist and arm and pushed me up against the wall & I hit my head & back & he bruised my arms by pinching me.’

As distasteful and appalling as that is, it’s nothing compared to what Mrs. Shepard told police, and the Saint Louis Family Court, that she had endured from her husband in the past. Once again, from the police report:

‘He has tripped me, hit me before (police were called by my daughter), punched my cancer breast, peed on me, pushed me down and slapped me. He now threatens that everything I have is his and I will end up in his low-income housing and he wants to take my things.’

That’s right folks: Claire McCaskill’s husband is not merely an alleged wife-beater. He also alleged peed on his ex-wife. Peed on her.

Also worth noting, from Jeff’s post:

“… several of the nursing homes Shepard had operated were repeatedly cited for deficiencies by inspectors or sued with allegations of poor care, sexual abuse or wrongful death at the time of his management.” (emphasis mine)

Let’s remember that when McCaskill was first running for office, she described her husband as someone who “establish[es] my values on this planet” (whatever that means—it sounds like something Melania Trump would say, too, though, doesn’t it?). So this is not someone who views her husband as a desperately flawed human being who she apparently loves, but who she seeks to differentiate herself from and who she is not holding up as some sort of great guy.


And there is the possibility that McCaskill’s husband is a changed man, like Donald Trump preposterously claims to be.

But the truth here seems to be that McCaskill is being no more serious about standing up to men against whom serious claims of brutally victimizing women are being made than are the Missouri Republicans who haven’t yet bailed on Trump.



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