BREAKING. Mike Pence Says He Supports Trump Because He "Never Quits" (VIDEO)

BREAKING. Mike Pence Says He Supports Trump Because He "Never Quits" (VIDEO)

Mike Pence was on the trail in North Carolina. He addressed the weekend controversy over Donald Trump’s disgusting description of his own modus operandi for picking up women… figuratively and possibly literally. For a while on Saturday it looked like Pence might drop out of the race in protest. But no, all is well in Trumpland and Pence has returned to the fold.

Via BuzzFeed:

“It’s been an interesting few days,” Pence said. “I joined this campaign in a heartbeat because you have nominated a man for president who never quits.” Pence said Trump is a “fighter” and a “winner.”

“You saw it last night on that debate stage,” Pence said. “He literally embodies the spirit of America. Strong, freedom-loving, independent, optimistic, and willing to fight every day for what he believes in and what makes this nation great.”

Pence said Trump had had “the humility to apologize,” and framed the situation as a kind of redemption narrative for Trump.

Pence said that “we all fall short in the glory of God and there’s no one righteous other than the one.”

“I don’t condone what was said and I spoke out against it,” Pence said. “But the other part of my faith is I believe in grace.”

“I believe in forgiveness,” Pence said, adding that Trump had “shown the American people what’s in his heart.”


We have repeatedly seen and heard what is in Trump’s heart and it is sickening. The best face one can put on this is that Pence was leaned on by GOP heavy-hitters to not burn down Trump’s campaign when Trump was already doing such a great job of it. Trump seems to be running several points weaker than GOP candidates and there was probably a fear that if Pence pulled out it would result in a down ballot conflagration.

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