Twitter Speech Police Suspend InstaPundit

Law professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds is best known by his internet name InstaPundit. He’s been a fixture for years. Last night he was suspended from twitter by the speech police for this:



Note the context. Reynolds is not, as the batsh** crazy left is claiming, encouraging people to run down protesters in the street. The context is “stopping traffic and surrounding vehicles.” If you were still wearing diapers in the 1990s, like nearly everyone criticizing Reynolds, you may have forgotten what happens to people, particularly white people, who get their car stopped in the middle of what has become a race riot. Let me give you a refresher:

The action starts at 11:50 when Reginald Denny, driving a truck, enters the intersection of Florence Avenue and Normandie Avenue in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots.

Reynolds was right. If people stop your car and surround it and you fear for your life or safety, you are under no moral, legal, or ethical obligation to sit there and wait to be dragged from your vehicle.


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