REVEALED. Democrat Senator Says Hillary Clinton Could "Barely Climb the Steps"

The health status of an obviously sick and debilitated old woman, Hillary Clinton, is getting some welcome attention in the press. After her ass pancaking on a New York sidewalk over the weekend was caught on video, the media has been forced to cover a story that they had previously, despite all evidence to the contrary, confined to the ghetto of “unwanted stories that might harm a Democrat.”


Now with the hack of Colin Powell’s emails, we find that over a year ago major Democrat insiders thought that Hillary Clinton was very sick. Take this exchange between Colin Powell and Democrat mega-donor Jeffrey Leeds


Other than an interesting glimpse into how the 1% lives (“I was in Marc’s second house”) this email provides some insight into what was known about Clinton’s health over a year ago. The conversation seems to be about press coverage of the fact that Hillary Clinton had had a concussion. Powell opines that a) the story is out there and b) by the way she does look sick. And he gets some good digs in about her grifting (“paid gig”, “money dinner”).

Leeds responds that Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse told him, Leeds, that he was at a fundraiser and Clinton could barely climb the steps to the stage. This is interesting because it is difficult to imagine there were not press at an event with Clinton and Whitehouse. And if Whitehouse discussed this with Leeds you can bet he discussed it with other people. What this shows is that the faux outrage of the media over stories about Clinton’s health were exactly that: fake. They knew she was in bad health and the decided to not only not cover the story but to belittle anyone who did cover it.



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