Tim Kaine Calls Upon the Catholic Church To Reject God (VIDEO)

I suppose it had to come to this.

Every election season we are treated to the same sorry spectacle of Democrat politicians who claim to be Catholic berating the Catholic Church for following small c catholic Christian dogma. Usually if centers on abortion which Democrat Catholics from Nancy Pelosi to any member of the vast and inbred Kennedy clan sees as a human right but which has been condemned by Christians since the founding of the Church. The newest dogma that Democrat Catholics want the Catholic Church to jettison is the prohibition on same sex relationships. Enter Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine:


Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia told the Human Rights Campaign on Saturday night–as first reported by the Washington Post–that he “thinks” the Catholic Church will join him in endorsing same-sex marriage.

The Catholic Church, however, teaches that marriage is the indissoluble union of one man and one woman as taught by Jesus Christ Himself and that homosexual acts violate the natural law and that there are “no circumstances” under which they can be approved.

“My support for marriage equality–my full complete, unconditional support for marriage equality–is at odds with the current doctrine of the church that I still attend,” Kaine, who attends a Catholic church, said at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner held in Washington, D.C. The full video of his speech is available on YouTube.

“But I think that’s going to change, too,” Kaine said. “I think that is going to change, too.”

This going to take some doing.

Catholic, and up until a couple of decades ago universal Christian, teaching on homosexuality is based on several thousand years of Judeo-Christian tradition. Not only is marriage defined as one man and one woman (unlike Facebook, God didn’t create over 50 genders) essentially for life. Likewise, homosexual relationships are proscribed. The pro-homosexual crowd often says Jesus didn’t mention these various subjects therefore he was silent on them. This is the height of dishonesty. For that matter, Jesus didn’t speak on the subject of murder but there has never been any doubt that murder is wrong. The basic Christian creeds, Apostle’s and Nicene, affirm that Jesus is God Incarnate. If you don’t believe that then you could be a Muslim but you are not a Christian. Once that relationship is revealed then it becomes a matter of logic that if the God of the Old Testament spoke on the subject then Jesus spoke on it as well.


The conflict Kaine is suffering it that of a man who goes to Church out of social habit but who has long since tossed away any pretensions of belief. As such he will definitely find a home in a Hillary Clinton administration.


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