Why Won't Hillary Clinton Tell Tim Kaine the Clinton Foundation's Rules? (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, was interviewed on ABC’s WEWS affiliate in Cleveland and the subject of the Clinton Foundation accepting money from anyone with a checkbook came up:


Via Mediaite:

Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS’s John Kosich made the same argument. “If you’ve been to a wedding where they yell ‘Last call in fifteen minutes,’ everyone rushes to the bar. Should we just get out in front of this now and say [they’re] not going to take any?” he asked Kaine.

But the Virginia senator replied that the Clinton Foundation has already cut off said donations. “I think it’s now, foreign donations as of now and then as president, President [Bill Clinton] will step aside from his connection with the foundation,” he said.

“So she’s taking one step forward right now, the foundation is taking one step forward right now by saying there’s no corporations, no foreign-connected contributions, we’re not taking them right now ,” Kaine said. “And then if we are successful and are elected, President Clinton will sever the tie with the foundation that he created.”


To say this is wrong is to be charitable.

Kaine’s comments are incorrect. CNN confirmed with the Clinton campaign that the Clinton Foundation is continuing to accept foreign and corporate money. The foundation would only give up these sources of funding if Clinton and Kaine are elected on November 8.

I don’t think Kaine is a pathological liar in the mold of either Clinton so one can only assume that he is totally outside the loop of campaign decisions and is playing the role he has played best his whole political life, that of an empty suit.


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