Donald Trump Gets Critical Endorsement In Louisiana

Donald Trump Gets Critical Endorsement In Louisiana

So, a new robocall is circulating in Louisiana encouraging people to vote for Donald Trump. The only downside is that the call is encouraging voters to vote for David Duke in the senate race as well:

Hi, this is David Duke. I’m sorry I missed you.

I’m running for U.S. Senate. I’ll tell the truth that no other candidate will dare say. Unless massive immigration is stopped now, we’ll be out numbered and outvoted in our own nation. It’s happening. We’re losing our gun rights, our free speech. We’re taxed to death. We’re losing our jobs and businesses to unfair trade. We’re losing our country. Look at the Super Bowl salute to the Black Panther cop killers. It’s time to stand up and vote for Donald Trump for president and vote for me David Duke for the U.S. Senate. I’d love to hear from you. To find out more contribute or volunteer for the Go to

Together, we’ll save America and save Louisiana.

Paid for by the Duke campaign.”

At one time, this would have been viewed as a “dirty trick.” Linking any political candidate to an avowed racists used to be enough to cause to furiously deny the connection. In 2016, I’m not so sure that this hurts Trump. In fact, Trump has wooed the racist fringe like no other GOP candidate in living memory and he did so throughout the primary season and his followers wrote it all of to him being politically incorrect and a truth-teller. Given that Trump’s only litmus test for supporting someone is them saying good things about him (see Putin, Vladimir) it is not impossible that we won’t see Trump actually making a robocall for David Duke.

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