The GOP Establishment Attacks Another Conservative Candidate While Backing A Crypto-Democrat

The GOP establishment is at it again. Rather than confine themselves to supporting the GOP nominee, our mouth-breathing Machiavellis have to insert themselves into the primary process to insure the most malleable candidate wins.


They do this even when their choice of candidate runs against the long term interests of the party. A prime example is in Florida’s Second District where the establishment and interest groups are backing a urologist named Neal Dunn against the conservative candidate, Mary Thomas who is an agency general counsel in Rick Scott’s administration.

As Erick says:

In Florida’s second congressional district, Mary Thomas is the conservative running against liberal Republican Nathan Dunn. The pro-amnesty wing of the GOP is out in force for Dunn, who actually gave money to Charlie Crist against Marco Rubio and was a big Crist supporter.

Of course you’d never know that by what’s happening in FL-02. “Right Way PAC”, which is the establishment Republican PAC working to defeat conservatives across America, is attacking Thomas for being a “career bureaucrat” claiming she pushed Charlie Crist’s agenda on climate change. That’s actually nonsense, but the truth has never stopped the establishment. They want to win at any cost.

No less a figure than House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has gone to Florida to campaign for Dunn. Keep in mind that the guy McCarthy is campaigning for donated money to Charlie Crist to help him defeat Marco Rubio. No matter what you think about Rubio, you have to admit that he’s a better choice than Orange Charlie. This was not an isolated case. In 2012, Dunn backed Democrat Bill Nelson over Republican Connie Mack. And also keep in mind that the GOP establishment says it is against interfering in primaries.


Backing Dunn is the same establishment PAC that contributed heavily to the defeat of Tim Huelskamp. It is a PAC that spent nearly a half million dollars to attack and defeat conservative Mike Crane in Georgia. It is a PAC that has used more money to attack Republicans than it has used to attack Democrats.

florida pac spending

Ken Cuccinelli is calling foul:

The Senate Conservatives Fund is hitting House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other establishment Republicans for blocking the rise of a GOP candidate who could be the first Indian-American congresswoman.

SCF President Ken Cuccinelli blasted the party’s establishment in an email to supporters Friday that questioned the wisdom of supporting Neal Dunn, a Florida businessman running for the GOP primary in the state’s 2nd district, over attorney Mary Thomas, who has earned praise from more conservative groups.

“If Mary Thomas wins this race, she will be the first Indian-American woman to serve in the United States Congress, but Kevin McCarthy and his allies want to defeat her and elect a liberal, middle-aged white guy. It’s hypocritical and indefensible,” he wrote.

Back in 2012, in the aftermath of Mitt Romney’s defeat, the RNC did a “post mortem” in which it identified the path to future electoral success as nominating mildly demented, elderly, orange grifters . One of the observations was this, via Townhall’s Guy Benson:


Voters are less white, less traditional and less male than ever. Indeed, women comprised 53 percent of the electorate in 2012. Barack Obama won this overall demographic by 11 points, despite losing married women by double digits. The report blasts Republicans for their slow — and sometimes silent — response to false “war on women” attacks from Democrats, pointedly asserting, “women are not a ‘coalition;’ they represent more than half the voting population in the country, and the inability to win their votes is losing us elections.” The authors call for redoubling efforts to recruit and attract strong female, ethnic and young Republican candidates and surrogates.

And yet, as Cuccinelli observes, when they get the chance to nominate a someone like the ideal candidate they are looking for, and that would be Mary Thomas, they reflexively go for the wealthy, middle-aged white guy who is basically a Democrat and who is owned by the Chamber of Commerce.


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