BREAKING. Donald Trump Is Not On the Ballot In Minnesota

Hard to believe, but its true. As of today, the GOP has no candidate for president on the ballot in Minnesota.

It might be sheer incompetence or it might be a clever ploy by Trump to avoid a Mondale-esque 50 state blow-out by deliberately not appearing on the ballot in at least one state so he can say he didn’t lose there.


This is the story

The filing deadline in Minnesota is August 29 (Monday) but it is not clear that the Minnesota GOP will be able to complete the filing requirements in time to meet the deadline. The MN GOP tried an ad hoc fix last night, but it seems like their action is probably not going to pass muster with the MN Secretary of State as it apparently was improper.


In the end, Trump will probably get on the ballot because a state would be very reluctant to strike a major party candidate from the ballot based on a filing blunder. If the state does allow it, though, you can bet there are people just waiting to sue.


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