RNC And Trump Campaign Holds "Come To Jesus" Meeting To Fix the Mess

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According to POLITICO, there is a big conclave today in Florida in which the RNC and the Trump campaign will try to get the Trump jalopy moving:

Donald Trump’s campaign and top Republican Party officials plan what one person called a “come to Jesus” meeting on Friday in Orlando to discuss the Republican nominee’s struggling campaign, according to multiple sources familiar with the scheduled sit-down.

Though a campaign source dismissed it as a “typical” gathering, others described it as a more serious meeting, with one calling it an “emergency meeting.” It comes at a time of mounting tension between the campaign and the Republican National Committee, which is facing pressure to pull the plug on Trump’s campaign and redirect party funds down ballot to protect congressional majorities endangered by Trump’s candidacy.

The request for the Orlando Ritz Carlton meeting originated with Trump’s campaign, according to a source familiar with the broad details, and is being viewed by RNC officials as a sign that the campaign has come to grips with the difficulty it is having in maintaining a message and running a ground game.

“They want to patch up a rift that just keeps unfolding,” one source said. “They finally realize they need the RNC for their campaign because, let’s face it, there is no campaign.”


They’ve had these meetings before and, even if they are conducted in good faith, they are worth nothing. Even though Donald Trump, on some level of amygdala consciousness might desire and even intend to act with discipline, the fact is the man has no discipline. He’s never had discipline. And once a man reaches his dotage without a sense of discipline you aren’t going to impose one upon him. One feels like this meeting is just the RNC going through the motions so they can’t be blamed when Trump gets beaten like a rented mule in November.

One of the most interesting things in the article, which, by the way, is chock-full of schadenfreude, is this statement:

“What’s bothering people on the campaign is that they feel like they’re doing all the right things, but they’re losing every news cycle to Hillary and there’s nothing they can do about it.”

You don’t know what to attribute this to. It could be the hubris that is commonly found in women marrying a boozing, womanizing slob figuring that she can change him once he has no reason to change. It could be a charming naïveté that Trump was just acting like a churlish, barely housebroken buffoon to play to the cheap seats and would act differently once he had the nomination. It could just be the rank stupidity of true believers.


The reason you are losing every news cycle is simple. Hillary Clinton, for all her faults, has discipline on the trail. She doesn’t make unforced errors. The cloud of corruption that clings to her like the miasma rising from an open cesspit is a result of errors she made when she though she was untouchable. During the past week as Donald Trump committed verbal seppuku several times each day, Hillary was imitating a Trappist monk. She was silent and out of sight.

To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, you don’t contest elections with the candidate you want, you do it with the candidate you have. And the candidate the GOP has is a not very bright, uncouth and churlish man with zero impulse control. So good luck with that.


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