Donald Trump: We Don't Need A Get Out the Vote Effort (VIDEO)

Last night on Eric Bolling’s show on Fox, Donald Trump let loose a stream of consciousness. As an aside, once the transcript is available from Trump’s morning appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, I think it will be safe to say that we have witnessed the most epic day in the history of American political campaigns. Not only did he threaten to stop fundraising for the RNC (My colleague, Susan Wright, posted on that earlier), he basically said that he is so awesome that he doesn’t think a GOTV effort is necesssary:

You can pick up the relevant section at 9:45. I wouldn’t inflict 11:00 of Eric Bolling gently caressing Donald Trump on anyone.

This is how Talking Points Memo covers it:

“One of the big things about the RNC is they have this whole infrastructure of data and information and contacts and email lists and mailing lists and phone numbers. That is something that is important to your campaign,” Bolling said. “That’s not at risk. Is that in jeopardy at all?”

“I don’t know. I will let you know on the ninth, on November 9th,” Trump replied.

“We are gonna have tremendous turnout from the evangelicals, from the miners, from the people that make our steel, from people that are getting killed by trade deals, from people that have been just decimated, from the military who are with Trump 100 percent,” he went on. “From our vets because I’m going to take care of the vets.”

“I don’t know that we need to get out the vote,” the Republican nominee concluded. “I think people that really want to vote, they’re gonna just get up and vote for Trump. And we’re going to make America great again.”

The last two guys I worked for in the Army teamed up to write a book called Hope Is Not A Method. Right now Donald Trump is violating that premise. He’s hoping that people who have historically had very, very low voting participation rates will turn out in battalions to vote for him without a phone call, without a door-to-door canvass. In fact, he seems to be following through on his plan. He has pulled out of New Jersey and only has one office open in Florida. It isn’t going to happen. It never happens. Trump seems dead set on running his campaign like he has run every one of his failed businesses.

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