POLL SHOCK. Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Engaged In A Sprint To the Bottom

A new Gallup poll shows that for the first time Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tied for last place in the eyes of the American public who voted to nominated them as their party’s candidate.

The average American’s views of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have converged for the first time in Gallup’s yearlong tracking of the images of the two candidates, with Americans giving each exactly the same favorable and unfavorable ratings. The numbers for both candidates, based on interviewing conducted July 18-25, are 37% favorable and 58% unfavorable. In all previous Gallup updates stretching back to last July, Clinton’s net favorable has been higher than Trump’s.

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I don’t think we’ve ever seen this kind of presidential race before. Nearly two-thirds of the nation dislikes and distrusts both of the candidates. The real question is who will be the most unlikable as the nation sees more of them? The fact that Trump actually improved in favorability during the GOP convention can’t be going unnoticed in Philadelphia.