WATCH. Unhinged Donald Trump Becomes Even More Unhinged On CSPAN (VIDEO)


Donald Trump, fresh and invigorated from having rough sex with the delegates at the RNC convention, was on C-SPAN this morning. He gave a performance that was both unhinged and detached from reality. In other words, this was a day ending in ‘y’ in the Age of Trump.

I don’t have a transcript but these are the highlights. Ted Cruz violated campaign finance laws. The National Enquirer is highly credible. No one has ever denied that Ted Cruz’s father shot JFK. Ted Cruz’s PAC attacked Melania Trump. Melania Trump didn’t marry Donald for money because she made a lot of money lolling around naked. Ted Cruz changed his speech. Trump doesn’t want Ted Cruz’s endorsement and wouldn’t accept it.

You can’t make this stuff up. There was literally not a single true thing that Donald Trump said in this interview. This is not hyperbole. There is not a single truth here. So, have the joy of your candidate, Trump supporters. You really deserve this clown.