BREAKING. Donald Trump Reverses Course And Will Ban Syrian Christians Refugees From the US

Hard to believe, folks.

Back on June 28, this is what Trump had to say about the plight of Middle Eastern Christians, particularly those in Syria:

christian ban 2

Today, however, is a different day. This morning, alleged Russian mob fixer Paul Manafort was waving his bulbous forehead about during an interview and had this to say:

christian ban

It is one thing to insist on a rigorous screening for “Syrian” refugees, something which simply can’t be done because there is no authority to vet them with. Middle Eastern Christians are a different set of facts. Most of those communities have ties to related communities in the West. They are insular and can vet their own members. They don’t blow themselves up. They don’t behead people. They don’t drive trucks into crowds. Oddly enough, caught up in this stupidity would be Iraqi and Afghan interpreters for the US Army who should be allowed to immigrate because they are in danger.

This is idiocy. This is the faux intellectualism that one would expect coming from an orange hued charlatan and relayed by a toady to genocidal maniacs.

(h/t to CBS News correspondent Sopan Deb)