Alleged Russian Mob Fixer Paul Manafort Criticizes John Kasich In Ohio And Then This Happens (VIDEO)

Ohio governor and former presidential candidate John Kasich will not attend the RNC Convention in Cleveland but he will not be out of sight:

Kasich’s team has also lined up an extensive schedule of appearances and speaking engagements next week that offer clear undertones about what the governor values in his party’s political climate.

While he won’t address the Republican convention, he will be speaking at another convention in Ohio on Sunday night, the NAACP’s annual gathering in Cincinnati.

On Monday, he will meet with Mexico’s ambassador to the United States. On Tuesday, he will speak to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (which endorsed him during the primary).

These events are in addition to engagements with the International Republican Institute, speeches to numerous state delegations, and a reception at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in his honor.

Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, alleged Russian mob fixer, the bulbously foreheaded Paul Manafort, was not happy when he appeared on a live broadcast of “Morning Joe” staged at Flannery’s Irish Pub in Cleveland.

The action picks up at about 2:20. (Though, if you want amusement, turn on the closed captions and watch the first 15 seconds.)

ARMF: Except for one or two celebrities, what you call Republicans are coming to town.

MIKA: Where’s John Kasich? Is he coming?

ARMF: You know what? He’s making a big mistake. He’s making a big mistake. He’s looking at something that’s not going to happen. He’s hurting his state. He’s embarrassing the state frankly, but most of the Republicans who are coming. Notice the Republicans who aren’t coming are people who have been part of the past and the people were part of the future of the Republican Party, frankly, are going to be here and participate in the program.

Right after Manafort says Kasich is “embarrassing his state” the audience groans and there are some boos.

The Ohio State GOP Chair was quickly on the case

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One would think that with the GOP suffering from deep divisions, divisions that are so strong that no recent former president will even appear at the RNC convention, much less endorse Trump, that Trump and the imbecilic goons he’s hired to run his campaign would devote at least a cursory effort to appearing conciliatory. But they can’t because, at their core, they are semi-literate thugs who would be at home in some Third World police force shaking down tourists for money.