BREAKING. Potential Deal To End RNC Rules Committee Fight Breaks Down

When the RNC convention Rules Committee reconvened after lunch it seems that a deal that was nearly done, i.e., giving Reince Priebus a drama-free convention in exchange for some concessions in the 2020 primary schedule pushed by Ken Cuccinelli that would have ostensibly benefited Ted Cruz, has completely broken down.

nro tweet

This looks like the #DelegatesUnbound group has been determined to capable of little more than minor annoyance and Priebus has, for reasons that I can’t comprehend, decided that he wants to basically break it off in them. One would think that this primary cycle has demonstrated the utter folly of letting non-Republicans have a voice in choosing the Republican nominee.

This also seems like it carries the subtext of Priebus basically telling #DelegatesUnbound to “bring it on.”