National Police Officer Says Obama Helped Start A 'War On Cops' (VIDEO)

Earlier today on FoxNews, the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, William Johnson gave his opinion about the Dallas police massacre and why it happened:

“I think [the Obama administration] continued appeasements at the federal level with the Department of Justice, their appeasement of violent criminals, their refusal to condemn movements like Black Lives Matter, actively calling for the death of police officers, that type of thing, all the while blaming police for the problems in this country has led directly to the climate that has made Dallas possible,” William Johnson, the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, said in an interview with Fox on Friday morning.

Johnson said although the Thursday night shooting of law enforcement officers reminded him of “the violence in the streets in the 60’s and 70’s,” he pointed out how Obama’s response appeared different than his predecessors.

“I think one of the big differences then was you had governors and mayors and the president — whether it was President Johnson or President Nixon, Republican or Democrat — condemning violence against the police and urging support for the police,” Johnson said. “Today that’s markedly absent. I think that’s a huge difference, and that’s directly led to the climate that allows these attacks to happen.”

“It’s a war on cops,” Johnson also said. “And the Obama administration is the Neville Chamberlain of this war.”

There is a lot of unfortunate hyperbole in here but, at center, there is truth. One of the earliest acts of President Obama was to lambaste a justifiable action by a Cambridge, MA, police officer saying, without having the vaguest clue of the facts or circumstances that “the police acted stupidly.”

Since then he has never missed a chance to interject himself into any circumstance that would serve to diminish the standing of the police within the communities they serve. As the old saying goes, a fish rots from the head. Obama’s obvious and calculated disdain for the police and his eagerness to label the bigots and racists at every opportunity was heard loud and clear. As Johnson said, Obama may not be complicit in the Dallas killings, but, like Neville Chamberlain’s “piece of paper”, he empowered the shooter to act.