CNN Analyst: Dallas Shooting Involved Hate Groups Or Militia (VIDEO)

When the only tool you have is left wing agitprop then every shooting involves a hate group or militia.

Right now we know damned little about the shooters involved in the slaughter of Dallas police officers yesterday. The sole data point we have is that one of the shooters is a black guy who apparently did not like white people. How that played into his motives, we don’t know. During his negotiations with Dallas police, he claimed to have acted alone. Again, that may or may not be true but right now that is the most authoritative statement that is available. None of that, however, was quite good enough for some.

BLITZER: “He must have had some sort of sophisticated training, this sniper, because he was — he was gunning down police officers over a long period of time.”

FUENTES: “He was. And I — you know, I’ve reviewed a number of the cases that the FBI has had over the last few years involving militia groups and hate groups and KKK and Aryan Brotherhood, and all these type of groups and it turns out that Texas has the most hate groups of any state in the country. And you hear reports that they’re out in the open land, or in the, you know, the fields, practicing, shooting and shooting and shooting. So, maybe they had military or he had military training, and maybe he just spent a lot of time practicing. The shooting here — we know one of the police officers was gunned down point-blank, and then he shot three or four more bullets into the officer on the ground. But some of these were a pretty fair distance. And even with an assault rifle, to hit your targets at that distance, you need to be able to aim well, you need some proficiency with that firearm.”

Did Micah X. Johnson have sophisticated training? He was an Army Reservist. This is the image you are seeing:

There is no context provided for this but we know Johnson was an E-4 assigned to 284th Engineering Company, 961st Engineering Battalion. If you look at a picture of him in his dress uniform (via Facebook) you learn a bit more.


He’s wearing Quartermaster Corps insignia which means he was a supply clerk of some type. (UPDATE: The Hill is reporting that Johnson was a 12W, carpentry and masonry specialist, which is a Corps of Engineers occupational specialty. In this image, though, he is clearly not wearing the Corps of Engineers insignia. Regardless, he did not serve in a specialty where handling firearms was a large part of the job.)  Though the image is very grainy, he appears to be wearing the Marksman level rifle qualification badge. To get it you must hit 23-29 out of 40 targets (ranges vary from 50m to 300m). The Marksman Badge is not the mark of a highly proficient weapons expert. It is the lowest level of qualification.

At least one of the dead officers was shot at point blank range so I’m not even sure that a lot of training was required.

Anyway, we make the stunning leap from Blitzer’s “sophisticated training” to the guest, a former FBI Assistant Director named Tom Fuentes, stating that there was more than one shooter and that they belonged to a hate group or a militia.

This is bullsh**.

But it is well within Fuentes’ record for downplaying real threats, like radical Islam, and manufacturing threats, like militias.

For instance, in the aftermath of the the Chattanooga shooting, Fuentes refused to concede that the shooter’s name, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, was Muslim. I would have thought “Muhammad” was helluva clue. After San Bernardino, he blamed the shootings on “an anti-government domestic militia group.” And he’s really big on gun control.

There is no evidence at this point that Micah X. Johnson was anything more than a very angry man who decided to kill himself while killing a lot of Dallas police officers. There is no indication that he had a high level of training and much to say that he didn’t. This clown is the epitome of irresponsibility. He only has one answer to every problem: hate groups or militias did it.

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