Shorter FBI Director James Comey Presser: LOLOLOL. Nothing Matters.

To call the press conference by FBI Director James Comey surreal is an exercise in understatement.

In the press conference, Comey said that every material statement made by Hillary Clinton in regards to her emails usage while Secretary of State is utterly false. Yes, tens of thousands of work related emails were not turned over the State Department. Yes, top secret information was sent over a very unsecure email system. Yes, her email server was not secured. Yes, foreign intelligence agencies have had access to her email. Yes, the classified information sent was known to be classified when it was sent. In short, not a single syllable Hillary Clinton has said about her actions is true.

Somehow, Comey arrives at the conclusion than “no reasonable prosecutor” would file charges because, you know, Scooter Libby was never indicted and convicted of a crime.

It is difficult to read Comey’s statement of facts and his conclusion without having your medulla oblongata detached from you spinal cord by the whiplash.

All one can conclude from this is the the rule of law is dead in the United States. We are no longer citizens, we are subjects ruled by people who, as in pre-Magna Carta England, are simply exempt from the law.