The Top RNC Strategist Makes A Startling Admission About Donald Trump

The RNC’s chief strategist, Sean Spicer, appeared on CBS affiliate, WPRI, in Rhode Island, to talk about the upcoming election:

Think about that for a second. We are barely four months out from the election. For all intents and purposes, Trump became the nominee nearly two months ago. And “he has not focused on a general election strategy yet.” This is not a lip-slip or misspeak. This is not hyperbole. It meshes perfectly with the information perking up from GOP field operatives who are saying that no one in the Trump campaign has contacted them about what to do. When, pray tell, will he begin focusing on a general election?

This is a strange year. Donald Trump might very well win the presidency. But if he does, one thing is for certain and that is that he will have won it despite his own best efforts.