Senior Trump Campaign Official Resigns After One Week And Leaves A Cryptic Note Behind

Senior Trump Campaign Official Resigns After One Week And Leaves A Cryptic Note Behind

Just last week, the Donald Trump campaign announced that it had brought on board Kevin Kellems to direct their surrogate operation. Kellems is an experienced campaign operative, though he is probably most famous as The Man Who Used His Saliva To Groom Paul Wolfowitz’s Hair

This was partly to ride heard on the unregenerate band of imbeciles and out of control psychopaths that make up that elite corps of “Donald Trump surrogates,” and partly to reassure donors and the RNC that somebody, somewhere was actually running the Trump campaign. Now Kellems is gone. What is more interesting than his departure is his departure note:

“To whom it may concern: i hereby resign my appointment as Director of Surrogates for Mr. Trump,” he wrote in a note sent to staff and acquired by POLITICO. “While brief, it has been an interesting [my italics] experience, and am proud of the contributions made through our early-phase project endeavors. Also have enjoyed meeting some fine and dedicated individuals throughout the organization. Look forward to running across several of you going forward.”

Interesting? Well, I suppose that could be one way of describing the bug-eating-feces-throwing bedlam of the Trump campaign. CNN elaborates:

A source familiar with the reasons behind his departure told CNN Kellems left because of “general dysfunction and disrespect particularly towards younger, eager staff members.”

Accompanying Kellems out the door was another member of the surrogate team, Erica Freeman, who is most famous for Donald Trump denying that a) he knew her or b) that she knew what in the hell she was talking about.

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