BREAKING. Justice Department Backtracks On Loretta Lynch Involvement In Hillary Clinton Investigation

The big news yesterday was a short, impromptu meeting between former president Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a motel parking lot at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. It was totally above board. Nothing to see here. Move along. Never mind that both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are part of a wide ranging investigation of public corruption and mishandling, if not outright brokering, of top secret information while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. It initially seemed like the outcry had achieved a useful purpose which was the removal of the hopelessly compromised and quite possibly corrupt Lynch from the decision-making process of whether or not one or both of the Clintons should be indicted.


Now the Justice Department is saying “not so fast.”

In fact, Lynch is going to stay very much involved in the Clinton investigation.

It is hard to see how the cause of justice is going to be served in this case as absolutely no one has any reason to believe that, no matter what, the decision was not totally the product of political calculus. Already Clinton has been shown a deference that is completely unheard of in these kinds of cases. More than ample evidence existed months ago to secure an indictment against and subsequently convict any lesser human.


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