Donald Trump Surrogate Asks Why We Even Need A Second Amendment (VIDEO)

Yesterday, Donald Trump surrogate and fellow scammer, Ben Carson, appeared on MSNBC with Andrea “don’t make fun of my turkey neck” Mitchell. The subject of Orlando came up:


Skip all the blather and go to where the fun starts at about 1:20. Mitchell asks Carson about “gun protests.”

“Well, I think that the people who were/ you know protesting certainly feel that they are absolutely one hundred percent right, but of course the people on the other side feel that they’re hundred percent right. Let’s put on the table: what is the reason for the Second Amendment? And is there a reason that we need to change those things right now? And let’s put the data on the table and let’s talk about like intelligent people, rather than getting in our respective corners and hurling insults at each other.”

This sounds reasonable until you examine the underlying premise that Carson is offering up one of the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights to every American as a peace offering. Which other freedoms are next? Jury trial? Unreasonable search and seizure — well, in all fairness, this right has ceased to exist. Speech? Religion? Freedom of association?


What makes this more troubling is that I really have no indication that Donald Trump feels differently. Everything seems to be the basis of a “deal” in his world view. Is this Carson beclowning himself yet again? Or is this the position of the Trump campaign?

When Donald Trump gets destroyed by the Democrat candidate in November, it will not be because of the lack of loyalty of the GOP establishment or the machinations of #NeverTrump. It will be because of the pig-headed message indiscipline that has become the hallmark of his campaign.


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