Donald Trump Campaign Tries To Intimidate Rebellious Delegates

Donald Trump Campaign Tries To Intimidate Rebellious Delegates

Yesterday, I posted on how the Trump campaign has belatedly become concerned over a very real effort to stop Donald Trump’s nomination in his tracks. Now the Trump campaign is reacting with characteristic bluster and lack of substance:

Donald Trump’s campaign is preparing a sophisticated operation to fight back against resurgent plans by recalcitrant conservatives to deny him the nomination at next month’s Republican National Convention.

In a Tuesday night conference call led partly by Trump’s top adviser Paul Manafort and including 200 staffers and volunteers, Trump’s senior convention aides sketched out a whip operation led by a half-dozen operatives with deep convention experience. The effort will rely on a team of 150 volunteers and paid staff to keep the convention’s 2,472 delegates in line, and it will utilize a database with information on many of the delegates.

The first sentence is a clue that this is a totally made up story. The Trump campaign is utterly incapable of “preparing a sophisticated operation.” That is not in the skill set of anyone working on the Trump campaign. Trump fired the only guy he employed who ever appeared capable of organizing a two-car funeral, and, to be clear, Corey Lewandowski was only barely capable of that feat.

Beyond that, Trump has barely $1 million in the bank. He doesn’t have enough money to fund the operation he is talking about. It is a Potemkin program touted by an alleged fixer for the Russian mob that only exists

This story is exists for one purpose: to try to intimidate rebellious delegates. Why do I say that?

…it will utilize a database with information on many of the delegates.

Trump’s team is already building a database with detailed profiles of most of the delegates…

…will be tasked with entering information about each into the database…

In order to beef up the database, Jack recommended whip team members place phone calls to delegates to learn about them…

…schedule trainings “so that we can learn how best to use this database and download the information that you already know and the information you’ll learn.”

This is just a continuation of the strategy begun by Trump crony Roger Stone who threatened to send mobs to the rooms of delegates who voted against Donald Trump in Cleveland. In an article that purports to talk about a “sophisticated operation” all it really does, over and over, is send the message “we are watching you, we know your phone number, you cross us at your own risk.”

The Trump campaign is on the ropes. He is disliked by the American people. He is disliked by Republicans. He is basically out of money. No one is contributing to his Super PACs. He has nothing like a national campaign structure. His tactics of playing Americans off against each other based on race, ethnicity, and income is anathema to everything any GOP candidate has ever stood for. Rank and file GOPers as well as the leadership have come to the conclusion that his campaign will be a multi-level, multi-year disaster. He is in real danger of being deposed at the convention and the only tactic he has to combat that is the implied threat of physical violence.

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