BREAKING. Supreme Court Upholds Assault Weapon Bans In CT

The Supreme Court has refused to take a challenge to a Connecticut law that bans a wide array of specific weapons (over 100 named models plus a set of catchall characteristics).


The Supreme Court declined Monday to review bans on a lengthy list of firearms that Connecticut classified as “assault weapons,” the latest example of the court’s reluctance to be drawn into an emotional national debate on gun control.

The justices decided without comment not to review a lower court decision that upheld the laws; Connecticut’s was enacted shortly after a gunman used one of the military-style semiautomatic weapons on the list to kill 20 students and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown in 2012.

The decision was not a surprise, as the court has previously declined to review other court decisions that uphold bans passed by cities and states. Maryland, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, as well as many cities and towns, have similar laws. None of the legal challenges to them have been successful in lower courts.

What the Supreme Court has done by its inaction is declare that there are two tiers of rights protected under the US Constitution. You have the right enumerated in the Bill of Rights, the subsequent Amendments, and the imaginary rights since discovered that cover legalized infanticide, sodomy, and homosexual marriage. Then you have the Second Amendment.


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