ACLU Lawyer: Christians Are To Blame For Orlando Shooting

ACLU Lawyer: Christians Are To Blame For Orlando Shooting

One doesn’t even know where to start with this:

The stupidity, irrationality and utter hypocrisy of this creature and the organization to which “he” belongs is simply breathtaking. It rates right up there with ThinkProgress claiming that an animated firearm levitated itself into that gay nightclub early Sunday morning and opened fire.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but over the past 30 years the homosexual community has been the baldface aggressor in a culture war most of us would prefer to not have had. The fact that a gay nightclub exists gives the lie to the entire argument about Christian bias. Laws protecting normal folks from harassment in their place of business and our children in restrooms and locker rooms is not “anti” anything. These laws are a logical corrective action to the way a large swath of the homosexual community has weaponized laws to intimidate anyone who doesn’t agree with them and to mainstream sexual deviancy and mental illness.

The fact that this imbecile can’t even acknowledge that the shooter declared his reason for the attack beforehand and that reason had zero to do with Christianity shows that we are not opposed with people or organizations who are capable of acting in good faith.

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