Trump Spox: Hey, You Know, Women Judges Would Probably Be Unfair To Donald Trump, Too (VIDEO)

In the past week we’ve learned that Donald Trump doesn’t think Latino or Muslim judges could be fair to him because of his, arguably, insane policy positions. Yesterday, on Wolf Blitzer’s show on CNN, Donald Trump spokescreature, and arguably one of the least bright people in the Donald Trump campaign, Katria Pierson upped the ante:


She leads off with all the lies and misdirection about Trump University that Leon has identified as being part of any Trump-related media appearance. Around 2:45 this happens:

To defend real estate mogul Donald Trump‘s claim that a federal judge is biased against him because of his “Mexican heritage,” his campaign spokeswoman argued on Monday that it also would be acceptable to accuse a female judge of bias on the basis of gender.

“Well, it would depend on her past and decisions she made as a judge,” Trump’s national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said.

Noting that Trump’s sister is also a federal judge, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Pierson if it would be “awful” to accuse her of bias “in regard to some case because she’s a woman.”

But Pierson would not rule it out, adding that “there is no question that there are activist judges in this country.”

This bleating about unfairness has been part and parcel of the Trump campaign since August. What we are seeing is that no one can be fair to Trump other than… Trump himself. Which I suppose is only fair since only a deity can judge a deity.


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