Hillary Clinton's Failing Health Is On Display Yet Again (VIDEO)

hillary cough
Perhaps the most important decision for the Democrats this election year is choosing a nominee to run as Hillary Clinton’s vice president. Not only is Clinton in real jeopardy of being the first person to be elected president while under a federal indictment, she is elderly, frail, and has a host of undisclosed health problems.


Yesterday, at a campaign event in Sylmar, California, Hillary Clinton was hit by another of her frequent bouts of uncontrolled coughing. In this video, you can see her hacking away like she has tuberculosis, much to the discomfiture of those seated next to her:

We’ve documented this phenomenon several times on RedState: here | here | here | here | here.

She is known to suffer from migraines. Her emails make it clear that she had to take frequent naps and often napped instead of attending to her duties.
clinton confused email

Given her track record, the napping turned out to be a feature, not a bug.

Hillary Clinton’s myraid health problems — a smart bet is that her persistent cough is a side effect caused by industrial quantities of a blood pressure medicine like Lisinopril — are not new but, unlike Ronald Reagan, who was just a few months older than Hillary Clinton when first elected, the media shows absolutely no interest in exploring here medical problems and the impact they will have on her ability to serve as president if elected.


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