FAKE. Donald Trump Campaign Tweets Fake Image Of Black Supporters

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The Trump campaign carries out another wildly successful Twitter campaign.

One of the statements made this election season is that Donald Trump could very well be the vehicle that breaks the Democrat deadlock on the black vote. Trump, after all, is actually a northeastern Democrat when it comes down to policy. Tavis Smiley has written that he could easily see large numbers of black Americans jumping on the Trump Train. John Gibbs, writing at The Federalist, makes a rational case for why Trump will be attractive to blacks. I’m agnostic on this. I’ve been wrong about Trump so often this campaign that I hesitate to even guess. Hell, it might be true. And while pointing out “my African American” grates on civilized ears, you can easily make the case that if you are inclined to believe whites in general, and Republicans in particular, are stone racists behind closed doors, you probably didn’t learn anything from that statement you didn’t already know and you might give points for honesty. In other words, over forty years Democrats have managed to bake white=racist into the equation and Trump could easily not be hurt by this anymore than he has been hurt by anything else.

What is for certain, is that his campaign is staffed and led by a collection of imbeciles and jerk-offs who deserve to lose on their own merits. And if Trump does increase the GOP share of the black vote it will not be because anything his staff did to make that happen. (What follows is blogged from David Mack of BuzzFeed News.) For instance, the Trump campaign forwarded this tweet to try to tamp down the dumpster fire Trump set alight with his “my African American” comment:
trump black 1

Nice. Right?
Other than this assclown “@Don_Vito_08” was the source of the side-by-side images of Melania Trump and Heidi Cruz. It is hard to believe the campaign would fail to recognize this twitter handle or notice the distinctive logo used by that account in the lower center of the image.

Almost immediately calls of “foul” were heard. The image came from an article on the website of television station WCPO in Cincinnati.
trump black 2

But it might not have come from the station website. If you use Google Images to search for “black family” it pops up on the first search page:

trump black 3

BuzzFeed has run down the family in the picture. They are not Trump supporters and, needless to say, they are not happy at having that particular claim figuratively tattooed on their foreheads:

BuzzFeed News can reveal the parents in the photograph, pictured at right, are Eddie and Vanessa Perry — and they are not endorsing or publicly supporting any political candidate during the 2016 election.

“Why use it without asking for someone’s permission?” he asked. “Why use our image without asking?”

This, just like Trump’s out of control mouth, are symptoms of a campaign lacking discipline and seriousness. The only question will be does it even matter?

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