¿QUE? Donald Trump Leads Hillary Clinton By 10 Points Among Hispanics?

Public domain image  French nuclear test at Fangataufa atoll in French Polynesia
Public domain image French nuclear test at Fangataufa atoll in French Polynesia

A new poll is out and it is shocking for a couple of reasons. First, it has Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by a scant two points, 48 to 46. This, if true, represents an erosion of Clinton’s position since Donald Trump clinched, for all intents and purposes, the GOP nomination.

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The second part of the poll is a lot more interesting:

With Hispanics, however, Trump leads Clinton 55 percent to 45 percent.

This lead among Hispanics comes as a surprise — a recent poll showed nearly 90 percent of Latino voters view Trump unfavorably.

The surprise, IMO, is less due to the unfavorability number as Hillary is not exactly Miss Congeniality. Having two utterly loathsome pseudo-humanoids running for president makes the unfavorable number much more an academic point. What is significant to me is that, again, if this bears any relationship with reality, is that perhaps the voting Hispanic community perceives the threat from illegals in much the same way that any other low/middle income voter would: a threat to their job and a potential threat to their safety. This implies, that unlike what the RNC has been peddling since 2012, there is no such thing as an ethnically consistent Hispanic point of view. Rather… surprise… they react to their environment much like anyone else. This, in turn, leads to the implication that the Hispandering the RNC has been doing is self defeating.

There is another nugget buried in the story:

Among African-Americans, Hillary maintains a strong lead with almost 87 percent support.

If true, this would be the weakest level of support by blacks for a Democrat presidential candidate in modern political history. John Kerry received over 88%. Usually a Democrat receives in excess of 90% of the black vote. Even Al Gore did.

Regardless of the top line of the poll, if these latter two points are true, or even close to being true, then Donald Trump will win.