Why Did Bill Clinton Ditch His Security Detail To Fly On Pedophile's Plane?

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That was a rhetorical question, of sorts.

We’ve posted here on RedState on several occasions about the strong, personal links between Bill Clinton and convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. For those of you who don’t know, Epstein was a millionaire pedophile who avoided the attention of law enforcement by his close friendship… and presumed shared interests… with the rich and famous. Donald Trump, for instance, was a buddy of Epstein and Epstein took the Fifth rather than describe Trump’s sexual activities. Not surprising, as Trump has been accused of raping a thirteen-year-old girl. (Our Clinton/Epstein stories are here | here | here | here.)


Now it is coming to light that Bill Clinton traveled with Epstein on his private jet, called the “Lolita Express”, much more frequently that thought.

Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express” — even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights, according to records obtained by FoxNews.com.

Clinton’s presence aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s Boeing 727 on 11 occasions has been reported, but flight logs show the number is more than double that, and trips between 2001 and 2003 included extended junkets around the world with Epstein and fellow passengers identified on manifests by their initials or first names, including “Tatiana.” The tricked-out jet earned its Nabakov-inspired nickname because it was reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.

But it is the absence of a Secret Service detail on a small number of trips that is really the eye-opener:

Official flight logs filed with the Federal Aviation Administration show Clinton traveled on some of the trips with as many as 10 U.S. Secret Service agents. However, on a five-leg Asia trip between May 22 and May 25, 2002, not a single Secret Service agent is listed. The U.S. Secret Service has declined to answer multiple Freedom of Information Act requests filed by FoxNews.com seeking information on these trips. Clinton would have been required to file a form to dismiss the agent detail, a former Secret Service agent told FoxNews.com.

In response to a separate FOIA request from FoxNews.com, the U.S. Secret Service said it has no records showing agents were ever on the island with Clinton.

A Clinton spokesperson did not return emails requesting comment about the former president’s relationship and travels with Epstein. The Clinton Library said it had no relevant information and does not keep track of Clinton’s travel records.


If one was inclined to speculate, one might think that Bill Clinton was afraid the Secret Service agents might witness something that would be a felony, even though it was outside the United States, and place them in the position of facing a long prison term if they did not report it.



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