Weekend Delegate Results. Non-Trump Kicks Trump's Ass In the Delegate Chase


More states chose delegates this weekend.

Topline Summary. Over 170 delegates were selected. Cruz took over 80 of them. Trump about 60. A dozen were committed. Kasich got about a dozen. Rubio got seven. If you look at the Cruz vs Trump counts it was merely bad for Trump. If you look at the battle as Trump vs. Not-Trump, it was a slaughter.


Alaska. Cruz took 12 delegates, Trump 11, and Rubio 5. This is in line with caucus results.

Arizona. This was another Trump bloodbath. He got two loyalists in two of 28 at-large delegate positions. Branch Trumpidian, former Governor Jan Brewer, was denied a slot as a delegate and she had a sad. Full story posted earlier today.

Arkansas. Trump took 6 delegate slots, Cruz took four, Rubio took two. This is in line with the primary votes.

Delaware. 13 delegates chosen by the state party. None of them have a stated allegiance.

Massachusetts. Trump won 23 of 27 delegate postions. How did the do that? By bringing in carpetbaggers:

Trump helped his cause most in Massachusetts, where a well-organized effort — aided by a cavalry of Trump supporters from New Hampshire — scored 23 of 27 delegate slots for the New York billionaire.

You do what you gotta do, but this is really a metaphor for the entire Trump campaign. He can’t win with the GOP voters in a state so he has to rely on Democrats, independents, or, in this case, ineligible voters to win.


Missouri. Cruz took 18 of 24 delegate position.

South Carolina. Three delegates were up for grabs. One went to a Cruz loyalist, the other two had no announced commitment though one leans toward Kasich.

Virginia. There were thirteen delegates up for grabs. Cruz loyalists took ten slots. This is not as close as it looks. The Cruz campaign had the votes to take all thirteen but they let the guys at the little kids’s table have three to keep them from crying. Moe covered this yesterday.



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