BREAKING. John Kasich's Campaign Has Decided That In Oregon Incompetence Is Their Competitive Advantage

Image by Marc Nozell,, via Flickr Creative Commons

Image by Marc Nozell,, via Flickr Creative Commons
Image by Marc Nozell,, via Flickr Creative Commons

Monday the big news was the Hunger Games-style alliance between Ted Cruz and John Kasich. If return for Kasich giving Indiana a pass, Cruz would give Kasich a free hand in Oregon and New Mexico. Leon pointed out that Kasich’s monumental ego would probably prevent the agreement from actually working. There is actually a better reason. Kasich is an idiot and his campaign manager, John Weaver, is a cretin.


John Kasich, one of only three still-standing GOP presidential candidates, isn’t featured in Oregon’s voters’ pamphlet for the May primary election — an embarrassing blunder for any major campaign.

The state said the Kasich campaign failed to submit information by the March 10 deadline.

It’s up to candidates to get their photos and statements into the pamphlet, which is one of the most cost-effective political advertising tools in the state. Each Oregon household — roughly 1.5 million in total — gets a free copy of the pamphlet. Presidential candidates pay $3,500 to put their half-page statement in the pamphlet, or else submit 500 supporters’ signatures and get their statement included for free.

Kasich’s failure may throw a wrench in a coordinated strategy announced publicly Sunday night by Kasich and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz aimed at denying front-runner Donald Trump enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination on the convention’s first ballot.

Ironically, the Cruz campaign got its presidential statement included in Oregon’s voter pamphlet. The pamphlet also includes statements from Trump and from Democratic contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


Stop and consider that. The Kasich campaign was out-organized by the Trump campaign. How is that even physically possible?

For the Oregon voters pamphlet, candidates typically submit a biography, a photo, their platform and endorsements.

Kasich’s non-inclusion means some voters may not be aware that he is still on Oregon’s ballot — and won’t realize it until they receive their ballots in the mail this weekend and see his name.

Molly Woon, a spokeswoman for Oregon’s Secretary of State Office, said that, after Kasich qualified for the ballot, his campaign and others were sent information on how to submit by the March 10 pamphlet deadline.

“We did not hear anything from them at all,” she said.

But never fear:

“Gov. Kasich is on the ballot in Oregon, and the campaign will do its part to educate voters about why they should vote for him the primary,” he wrote. “Gov. Kasich is the only candidate with a proven record of accomplishment and the only one who can defeat Hillary Clinton.”

Sure, John Kasich is a duplicitous f*** who is trying to screw over the guy who offering him a way to even be considered at the GOP convention… regardless of the fact that he has fewer bound delegates than Rubio. But he should at least save his duplicity for when it might be of use, like during the voting in Cleveland. But his overweening ego, his sheer nastiness, and the imbecility of this campaign seems likely to undo any strategic value that the deal he cut with Cruz may have for either candidate or for the cause of stopping Trump.



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