How John Kasich Is Using Ohio Taxpayers To Fund His Campaign

Caricature by DonkeyHotey
Caricature by DonkeyHotey
Caricature by DonkeyHotey

I’ve posted on the dire financial straits facing John Kasich’s campaign. Even though he won Ohio’s primary convincingly, he entered April with less cash on hand than he had on March 1. This is not a glide path to victory, it is the parabola of a rock being tossed from a bridge. Kasich has one competitive advantage, though, he is a state governor and he can use state resources to augment his campaign bank book in certain ways. For instance, the State of Ohio provides Kasich with round-the-clock security. When he’s in Ohio this is not a big deal. The agents providing it aren’t jetting about the nation. This question is becoming a sticky one that Kasich is refusing to answer:

How much does out-of-state security for Gov. John Kasich’s presidential campaign cost Ohio taxpayers?

That’s a simple, straightforward question regarding the use of public dollars. The citizens of Ohio should be able to get an answer. Any administration committed to open and transparent government should provide it.

But the Kasich administration has refused, arguing that divulging even the costs of the governor’s protection detail would compromise his security.

“To ensure the safety and security, we do not discuss any of the resources that are used as part of the executive’s security detail,” said Maj. Marla Gatskill, a highway patrol commander.

It must be hard to say something that ridiculous with a straight face. Disclosing the costs of the governor’s security detail would not compromise his security. It’s not about naming names, disclosing locations, or exposing strategies. It’s about letting the people of Ohio see the price tag of a service they’re paying for.

The editorial board of the Toledo Blade has a very valid point. There is absolutely no way that divulging the dollar cost of the Kasich’s security detail would have any impact at all on Kasich’s security. That cost would not tell you how many agents were used, where they were located, how they communicated or how they were organized. What the dollar figure would tell Ohioans is how much John Kasich’s masturbatory campaign is costing them. If Kasich is traveling to New York or Pennsylvania on legitimate government business, of course he is entitled to security provided by Ohio. But the moment his purpose becomes campaigning for president his campaign owes Ohio taxpayers reimbursement.

I suspect that Kasich knows if the price tag for stroking his ego became known, he’d be out of the race. Tomorrow.