New Mexico GOP Caves To Trumpertantrum; Changes Their Rules To Help Donald Trump

One of the big things that marks adult behavior rather than childish behavior is understanding that virtually all human activities come with a set of rules and things go better for everyone if the rules are followed. This is a lesson that is lost on a lot of spoiled brats who grow into adulthood both boorish and with criminal tendencies.


Donald Trump has made bitching about not reading directions a centerpiece of his campaign. His logic works something like this. If I win 35% of the vote I should get all the delegates because a third of the population are morons. But if my opponent wins, he’s a cheater and his delegates are illegitimate.

Now we’re seeing the first of what will probably be a stream of state Republican parties cave to Donald Trump’s tantrum. In essence they are doing what the frazzled mom does when the spoiled three year old throws a tantrum. The right thing to do is to apply discipline so they learn to moderate their behavior. The easy thing is to give the little monster what he or she wants and maybe they will just shut up.

Case in point. New Mexico.

The Republican Party of New Mexico is keeping the door open for national delegate applicants amid a push by the Donald Trump campaign to mobilize supporters.

State party spokesman Tucker Keene announced Monday that consideration will be given for two additional weeks to applicants who missed the April 15 deadline to vie for a delegate seat at the GOP national convention this summer in Cleveland.

“This is truly Trump,” said Rep. Rod Montoya, R-Farmington, who has applied to be a delegate to the national convention. “Rather than learning how the process works, he cries and complains to get the process changed because he doesn’t like it.”


This is really sad and weak and pathetic. This is a defeat for the rule of law. This is how Third World countries work: the rules are changed to accommodate the dictator du jour. And this is how the US government will operate if Donald Trump is president.

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