SURPRISE!! Donald Trump Campaign Humiliates Itself In Georgia

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So this weekend the Georgia GOP is going to elect delegates the the Cleveland convention. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. And the Donald Trump’s chief doofus in Georgia sends out this email:

Mr. Trump won Georgia by more than 14 points, almost 200,000 more votes than his next closest rival. He also carried 155 counties out of 159. Ted Cruz didn’t win a single county. Because of this landslide victory, Mr. Trump was awarded 42 delegates. We’re asking that the Republican officials honor his victory this Saturday with fair representation.

The email goes on to list Trump coordinators in the 14 congressional districts, with this message:

If you are willing to attend one of these meetings this Saturday morning and show your support for Mr. Trump, please contact the volunteer coordinator nearest you.

You know what’s coming next, don’t you?

Here’s the thing: The selection of delegates who will represent Trump in Cleveland, as well as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, is now a closed process. If you weren’t selected as a congressional convention delegate last month at the county-level meetings, you will have no standing at Saturday’s gatherings. Other than as a spectator.

So, if a) Marco Rubio suspended his campaign on March 15, and b) the GOP county conventions were held on March 19, and c) this factoid didn’t occur to Trump’s Georgia chair until today, who do we think will be heavily represented at the convention tomorrow?

Of course there will be the usual whining and bleating about delegates being stolen, but Trump is getting exactly what he won. Delegates bound to him for a single vote. The fact that they will go elsewhere on the second ballot is the fault of his own stupidity and the numbskulls he’s hired and appointed to positions in his campaign.