BREAKING. Donald Trump Hires Ex-Walker Campaign Manager As Political Director

(AP Photo by Michael P. King)

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(AP Photo by Michael P. King)

HAHAHAHAHA. Because Donald Trump hires ONLY the best people:

Donald Trump has hired a veteran campaign operative with deep roots in the Republican Party establishment to take a senior position on his presidential campaign, as the GOP front-runner moves quickly to incorporate seasoned professionals in his inner circle.

Rick Wiley, who has more than two decades of experience in state and national politics and most recently served as campaign manager for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential bid, is joining the Trump campaign as national political director, two Republicans with knowledge of the hire told The Washington Post.

Rick Wiley. Rick Wiley. Where have we heard that name before?

Was it this?

But Wiley’s spendthrift ways on the Walker campaign was the subject of heavy criticism, including at the time from the Trump campaign. Walker’s campaign lasted only 70 days, with the governor dropping out of the race last September, but burned through roughly $7 million. The campaign spent lavishly, with a payroll of more than 80 staffers as well as dozens of consultants and vendors, according to its Federal Election Commission filings.

No. There was an even better story.  I hint at the story here. And Gawker does the same. And BuzzFeed gives a hint. If you Google rick+wiley+scandal you might find more stuff.

What ever could go wrong??

I posted yesterday on the revolting disgorgement of #FAIL that is the Trump campaign. All this does is displace existing staff, create new power centers, and generally destroy whatever ability to function that the Trump campaign had.

It is also ironic that Trump, who claims to be an “outsider,”  is larding his staff with vicious nitwit conspiracy freaks and political fixers with ties to the Russian mob. Rick Wylie will fit right in.