TED CRUZ BEATS TRUMP IN NATIONAL POLL. This Is One Poll That Donald Trump Will Have To Stop Quoting

For weeks, months, Reuters has been running a daily tracking poll. It has been the favorite of Donald Trump’s allies. The Drudge Report, for instance, always runs them with a flashing light:


All this week the story has been different and not a peep, not a freakin peep, from Drudge. (Visit the poll)

reuters poll

If this poll is to be believed, then Trump has torched a 20-point lead that he has basically maintained since late-February. According to the Reuters poll, Trump started to crater, rather than Cruz simple rising, on March 27. This decline reflects last week when Trump was finally called to heel on his scurrilous attack on Heidi Cruz, when his campaign manager was arrested for assault, and when he committed all manner of other douchebaggery. It seems like the voters have finally had all the fun they can handle. It is also interesting that Kasich suffered a decline corresponding to Cruz taking the lead. This could indicate that a gradual decision is being made by Republicans to fall in line behind Cruz, despite any philosophical differences they may have with him. After the thrashing Trump will take tonight in Wisconsin we’ll get a feel for what the poll measures.

Or it might mean nothing. But if you live by the polls, you have to suck it up and take the hit when they start to go against you.


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