Donald Trump Is Still Sniveling Like A Losing Loser Over Louisiana

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We’ve discussed, at length, here on RedState about how Donald Trump’s phenomenal incompetence has resulted in him getting fewer delegates from Louisiana, where he won by three points, than Ted Cruz. Trump has threatened to sue, etc., etc., but the bottom line is that the process for selecting delegates was known to everyone and Trump’s rather imbecilic campaign decided that winning by three points (which meant that over 60% of Louisiana opposed Trump) was all the victory that was needed. Since then he has been rolled in Georgia, in Tennessee, and in epic fashion in North Dakota.


It is obvious, however, that Louisiana sticks in his craw. Take a gander at his performance this morning on Face the Nation. This is 2:36 of the most humiliating and unmanly sniveling and whining you’ve ever experienced.


DICKERSON: Let me talk about another meeting you had in Washington with the Republican National Committee.


DICKERSON: Did they treat you fairly? Are they treating you fairly?

TRUMP: Well, I would rather let you know in about six months from now. I don’t know. I mean…

DICKERSON: Well, you said they haven’t been treating you. Where are you on that question?

TRUMP: I think Reince is a very nice person. I get along with him, but I’m going to have to tell you, I think what is unfair is, I won the state of Louisiana.

I went, I made speeches, I had that last evening in a hangar where you had thousands of people. It was incredible, and a big airplane hangar, a Boeing hangar. And I said, this is unbelievable. And I wasn’t expected to win Louisiana, and I won Louisiana, right? I won lot of states. I won, I think, 22 states. And I won Louisiana, and I got less delegates than the guy who lost.

DICKERSON: But isn’t that proof that the people who took the delegates are beating you at the game?

TRUMP: No. No. No. That’s not…


DICKERSON: Wouldn’t Donald Trump do that?

TRUMP: No. That’s not America.

DICKERSON: You wouldn’t play every angle to win?

TRUMP: When I win the state, I’m not supposed to get less delegates than somebody that got beat.

DICKERSON: But as a businessman, you play every angle you can within the law.

TRUMP: No, but that’s not America. Sure. Sure.

DICKERSON: And he’s playing every — Cruz is playing every angle within the law.

TRUMP: But it’s not America. You go in, and you win, and you get less delegates. OK? Now, I just won Missouri. That just came out. And there was a whole thing going on there, too. But let me just tell you something. When I go in and win the state of Louisiana and I get less delegates, that’s not the way the system is supposed to work.

DICKERSON: Are you saying it’s unfair or it’s illegal?

TRUMP: Well, I think it could be illegal, if you want to know the truth. And that’s my question.


DICKERSON: Because the pros say, he just beat you. They just say Cruz beat you at that.

TRUMP: No, no. Give me a break.

Let me just — I go in. He campaigned, I campaigned. I got the votes, and then I get less delegates?

DICKERSON: There was reporting, at this meeting at the RNC, that you seemed a little upset with your own team’s delegate operation, that they’re not in this fight as much as they should be. Is that right?

TRUMP: That’s false reporting, other than I mentioned that Louisiana, which really bothers me, because the people of Louisiana were amazing to me. I was not expected to win Louisiana. And I did look at my people. I said, well, wait a minute, folks. You know, we should have maybe done better, except I also said, I won the state, and I think there’s a real legal consequence to winning a state and not getting as many delegates. That’s nonsense. And you know what? Everyone agrees with me. Everyone agrees with me.

DICKERSON: Well, a lot of people in the game who know this game, who play it…

TRUMP: I don’t care about the game. I care about the people. And when you go in and win a state, and then you don’t get the delegates?

DICKERSON: One of the things you’re saying…

TRUMP: Now, I got some. I go some. I got many, but I didn’t get the number that I should be entitled to.


Let me point out a baldfaced lie here. I know, I know. Pointing out lies in a Trump interview is as useful as pointing out lies in a Hillary Clinton interview. Trump was predicted to win Louisiana by TWENTY-TWO POINTS.  He won by three.

What Trump apparently thinks America is is a place where a rich guy with a modest intellect and massive ego gets exactly what he wants because he is entitled to it. That may be Manhattan. That is not America…yet.


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