Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Cuts An Ad For Ted Cruz While Super PAC Hammers John Kasich

The Ted Cruz campaign is rolling out an ad featuring an endorsement by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Jobs. Freedom. Security. That’s what’s at stake and that’s why I’m supporting Ted Cruz for president.

Ted is a constitutional conservative. He’ll challenge the status quo just like we’ve done in Wisconsin

On Tuesday, please join me in supporting Ted Cruz, the only conservative who can beat Hillary Clinton and reignite America’s promise.


If the “Jobs. Freedom. Security.” looks familiar, it is the theme that the Cruz campaign is using

The ad should be seen as being aimed at people inclined to vote for John Kasich:

I just think there’s no doubt that (Walker) will swing votes to Cruz with his endorsement,” predicts Sandy Rios, a talk radio-show host for American Family Radio and a spokesperson for the American Family Association.

That’s because Walker is popular in his home state of Wisconsin, Rios says, including among the so-called “establishment” Republicans who trust their governor.

Current polls show Cruz is enjoying a double-digit lead on Trump in Wisconsin, which has 42 delegates up for grabs on April 5.

As such it forms a neat positive bookend to a hard hitting anti-Kasich ad rolled out by the Ted Cruz-affiliated Trusted Leadership PAC earlier in the week.


Trusted Leadership PAC, a pro-Cruz umbrella organization that houses several supportive super PACs, has made a $500,000 digital, broadcast and radio ad buy in Wisconsin, the group announced Tuesday.

The first spot the group is running as part of that buy is a negative hit on Kasich, the Ohio governor whom Cruz has described as a spoiler.

The ad accuses Kasich of “holding out for a last-second shot at blocking out the grass roots.”

“Millionaires working side by side with George Soros are bankrolling his super PAC, while Kasich voted against the Second Amendment and expanded Obamacare in Ohio, costing taxpayers billions,” the TV and radio spot says. “So given John Kasich’s liberal record, it’s no surprise his campaign isn’t rebounding. Because John Kasich won’t play in Wisconsin.”




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