Trump Campaign Manager: Ted Cruz Had Nothing To Do With Nekkid Melania Trump Ad

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[I would post the ad again but I’ve been chastised that some of you Puritans get upset when you see it.]

Ever since Donald Trump had his ass handed to him by Utah’s voters, something that he’s going to have to get used to in the coming weeks, Donald Trump has been doing his best spoiled brat imitation by blaming Ted Cruz for the actions of a super PAC that is not even friendly to him. No one other than Trump and the low-forehead people he likes to surround himself with ever believed that Cruz and anything to do with the ad. To have done so would have demonstrated a degree of recklessness that is out of character with the way Cruz has run his campaign.


Now, Trump campaign manager and beater of women, Corey Lewandowski, used his temporary freedom on bail to say that the Cruz campaign had nothing to do with the Nekkid Melania ad. Via BuzzFeed:

Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said in a radio interview on Tuesday that Ted Cruz’s campaign was not involved in an attack ad on Trump’s wife, Melania. Lewandowski’s comments contradict his own candidate’s repeated claims the Cruz campaign was responsible.

Lewandowski made the comments on the John Fredericks Show, where he denied the Trump campaign had any involvement with a National Enquirer story alleging Cruz had affairs with five different women. Roger Stone, a long time Trump aide who is no longer affiliated with the campaign, was quoted in the story.

“I have no control over what Roger Stone does, doesn’t work for the campaign. He’s an independent individual who has no relationship with the campaign in any way, shape, or form,” said Lewandowski. “For them to intimate otherwise is completely inaccurate and it’s a narrative that they want to continue to perpetuate. The bottom line is Roger Stone is as much tied to this campaign as the super PAC that leaked that is tied to the Cruz campaign.”

In the days leading up to the Utah caucuses, an anti-Trump super PAC released a Facebook ad featuring a nude photo of Melania Trump. Trump has blamed Ted Cruz and his campaign for the ad, despite no evidence linking the campaign to it.

“No, everybody knows he sent it out,” Trump told Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, claiming Cruz broke federal election law to be involved in $300 Facebook ad from the anti-Trump super PAC Make America Awesome. ” He knew the people in the super PAC. He knew — I would be willing to bet he wrote the phrase.”

“To be clear, Roger Stone is someone who does not work for the campaign. He was a consultant to the campaign up until August of last year and then I’ve had no communication with Roger Stone until August of last year,” said Lewandowski. “For the Cruz campaign to equate that Roger Stone is part of this campaign is akin to us saying the super PAC that put out the pictures of Melania Trump is part of their campaign. Now, they can deny that, and they can say that they have no communication, but the two are exactly equal.”


Actually, the two things aren’t all that equal. Everyone involved in politics knew the people who run MMA PAC are not Cruz supporters and that Cruz would not risk a federal felony charge for something with such low payoff. In fact, had Trump not made a big deal of it, no one would even have noticed the ad.

Stone, on the other hand, was a key member of the Trump campaign and remains a Trump adviser, this indicating that in addition to being, to the ordinary eye, a sexual deviant


that Roger Stone is a very unsuccessful and embittered person. Because those are the people Trump says he likes around him. Stone was and is up to his eyeballs in the smear attack on Ted Cruz and the fact this thing launched when Trump was having one of his hissy fits over the naked pictures of his wife that he was responsible for and the owner of the National Enquirer, a Trump crony, relied upon another Trump crony as the sole source for the story.

The heat on Trump for his baldfaced lies on the provenance of the Nekkid Melania ad and his unmanly attack on Heidi Cruz is taking a toll. In fact, just yesterday, Trump spokes-stooge, Katrina Pierson, was on CNN purveying the exact same lie that Trump has been spreading. He is also taking heat because of his obvious role in the nasty National Enquirer article on Ted Cruz. Now Trump is starting to do what he always does. He is walking back the story and denying that he ever said what he did, in fact, say.


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