Donald Trump Spox Katrina Pierson Beclowns Herself. We Call That Tuesday.

katrina pierson
The feckless, incompetent, and functionally illiterate Donald Trump spokes-stooge, Katrina Pierson, was on CNN answering for Donald Trump’s unhinged and unmanly attack on Heidi Cruz. When you get your ass rhetorically handed to you by Don freakin Lemon it is really time to consider getting out of the spokesman position and into something that lets you take lots of naps and have pudding whenever you want. But that is exactly what happened with Pierson.



PIERSON: The bigger question here is this, this, somehow this attack on Ted Cruz’s wife narrative that somehow sprouted last week, and it’s unfortunate that I was unable to come on to discuss that. Because the fact of the matter here, Don, is there has only been one wife attacked this cycle. And that is Melania Trump. Last year, Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz’s top surrogate, was trashing Melania Trump and no one said anything. Earlier this month, on another network, there was another woman supporter of Ted Cruz who maligned Melania Trump’s character. This was before the attack ad by the pro-Ted Cruz PAC…

LEMON: So, why then, why would Donald Trump need you to defend him? If Donald Trump can defend himself against the likes of Glenn Beck and other folks, why would he need… why would Melania Trump need you to defend her?

PIERSON: That’s the point here. Mr. Trump is defending his wife. There is no such thing as an attack on Heidi Cruz. I have yet to hear the attack on Heidi Cruz.

LEMON: You didn’t see the retweet that Donald Trump… you don’t think that is…

PIERSON: No. That is not an attack. No.

LEMON: That’s not an attack on a woman by using an unflattering picture of a wife?


LEMON: What would you call that? And don’t say… Hold on Katrina. And don’t say that’s supporting his wife because you don’t need Heidi Cruz in that picture to support his wife.

PIERSON: Well, of course not. Mr. Trump didn’t make the picture. He retweeted it this week because he believes his wife is beautiful just the way that she is and since when did it become okay to attack a woman. What is the policy here? Is it okay to attack a woman, malign her character, impugn her dignity just because she’s beautiful?

LEMON: I can ask you the same question about Heidi Cruz. Is it okay to malign Heidi Cruz, who is a beautiful woman, to attack her and put up a horrible picture?

PIERSON: No one has maligned Heidi Cruz. No one has attacked Heidi Cruz. Melania Trump has been attacked. Where has that headline been on CNN? I bet CNN viewers didn’t even know Melania Trump had been attacked for by months by pro-Ted Cruz people. That’s the problem here.

LEMON: We have been talking about that for months. Katrina, I think you’re being very disingenuous about this and let’s get back to this…

PIERSON: It’s not disingenuous…..

LEMON: It is disingenuous, we have been talking about it, we’ve done interviews. Hold on. We’ve done interviewed Melania Trump. Anderson Cooper did a very extensive interview with Melania Trump where he talked about all of those issues. We report on every single scandal, every single tweet, every single thing that happens. Not only with Melania Trump but also with Heidi Cruz and any of the other candidates. So you’re being very disingenuous by saying that we’re not covering it, or that we should be covering it in the context that you want us to cover it.

PIERSON: You’re covering it. It’s just in the wrong context.

LEMON: It’s not in the context that you want us to cover, that doesn’t mean it is in the wrong context.


There is so much bad and incompetence in this interview that one doesn’t even know where to start. First, no less that the Washington Post, itself, has debunked the notion that the super PAC ad that has put grit in Trump’s lady parts was affiliated with Ted Cruz. It wasn’t and isn’t. Second, to claim the retweet by Trump of the picture of Heidi Cruz wasn’t an attack was simply an affront to the intelligence of everyone hearing the claim. Third, the ad in question was not an attack on Melania. The image was one that Trump concocted to support a previous presidential bid. The ad does call into question the class and morals of a man who would have the future mother of his children pose nude for the titillation of anonymous men and that is a question the voters should consider.

On the positive side, at least Lemon resisted. Not so much in calling Pierson out on her lie-athlon performance but at least pointing out that the story had been covered, just not the way Pierson and Trump wanted it to be covered. This is a far cry from a couple of weeks ago when Trump’s campaign co-chair was allowed, unchallenged, to claim riots were not violent.


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