GQ: Mostly Naked Photo Of Donald Trump's Wife Was To Pimp His Failed Presidential Bid


This is getting tiresome but it bears repeating because is just goes to underscore what a huge liar Sleazy Donald Trump is.

Ever since his humiliation rejection by Utah voters, rejection that was Biblical in its magnitude, Donald Trump has been mewling about a FACEBOOK!! ad run by a tiny, tiny super PAC called Make America Awesome that cost in the mid-three figures to run. The ad advocated voting for Cruz for the sole reason that it would keep Trump from getting any delegates. The two main people behind the Super PAC, Rick Wilson and Liz Mair are not Ted Cruz fans. Quite the opposite. For instance:


If Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush were still in the race, this super PAC would not be helping Cruz at all.

So, how did the then Melania Knauss come to be photographed buck naked and handcuffed while looking like she is stoned?

The answer is easy. It was a publicity stunt by Trump to raise his profile for a run for the presidency under the Reform Party banner. To be helpful, GQ has reprinted the article. If you want to see more images of Melania Trump with even less on than in the ad, hit the link. (Of course you do, admit it.) I would run the images that go with the story but I might get banned.

Want jet-set chic? Then sex, style and 18-carat gold seat belts are essential. Supermodel Melania Knauss [now Mrs Donald Trump] is the launch pad for 14 pages of high living.

There was a time when the Mile High Club was a stand-up organisation. The price of entry was a stolen moment in the cramped and hardly seductive surroundings of a 747 loo, and the penalties for being caught were harsh. Which is a shame when you consider the undeniable frission travelling at 30,000 feet adds to any assignation. Now airlines have wised-up, with Virgin Atlantic offering double beds to its Upper Class passengers. But if you’re going to get that all-important upgrade, then you’re going to have to join the jet set. And there are rules.

Enter high-spirited Donald Trump to show us how it’s done. The billionaire New York property magnate, Reform Party presidential candidate and proud owner of this custom-fitted 727 (even the seat buckles are 18-carat gold) is an expert in the art of in-flight entertainment. And his personal hostess, 26-year-old Slovenian supermodel Melania Knauss, might just end up as the next First Lady. Flight of fancy? Not if The Donald has his way.

Heavyweight political commentators may scoff, but the delectable Miss Knauss is relishing the prospect of a future pressing the flesh on state occasions. “I will put all my effort into it, and I will support my man,” she said recently.


In short, Trump treated his then-girlfriend exactly the way he treats women in general: as an objectified meat-puppet to shore up his deficiencies as a man, these shortcomings are not limited to small hands.

Trump had the images of Melania Knauss shot specifically to ad buzz to his stillborn presidential campaign. And now that the images have been used in a real campaign he’s complaining. Pro Tip Donald: if you want people to take your defense of your wife seriously, and not laugh in your face, then treat her with a little respect and don’t pay her to pose mostly nude to sexually stimulate random men.

Note. Rick Wilson contacted me to say that he felt I had mischaracterized his role in the National Enquirer mess. I have removed what I think gave the wrong impression and apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused Mr. Wilson. I have no knowledge of any of the backstory surrounding that story and certainly did not mean to intimate that Mr. Wilson was involved.


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