John Kasich Has Butt-Hurt Because Ted Cruz Won't Let Him Win Some

Image by Marc Nozell,, via Flickr Creative Commons
Image by Marc Nozell,, via Flickr Creative Commons
Image by Marc Nozell,, via Flickr Creative Commons

John Kasich, at this counting, needs roughly 2000% of the remaining delegates in order to win the GOP nomination. John Kasich is not a winning candidate. Kasich’s campaign is basically running on empty. As pilots say about the moments before a crash, they are out of airspeed, out of altitude, and out of ideas. If Kasich is not actually broke at this moment, his campaign’s treasurer is wearing brown trousers and contemplating seppuku. For heaven’s sake, Kasich finished behind Marco Rubio in Arizona and Rubio wasn’t even in the race. Kasich’s campaign exists for two reasons. First, to stroke John Kasich’s massive ego and second, to allow his campaign manager, former Democrat operative John Weaver, to stick his finger in the eye of the GOP which he hates. But now Kasich and Weaver are claiming the Cruz campaign is acting in “bad faith” by not helping Kasich stay in the race.


A top strategist for Ohio Gov. John Kasich accused Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign on Friday of being “disingenuous” about discussions between the two GOP rivals over how best to deny Donald Trump the required 1,237 delegates need to win the Republican presidential nomination.

Cruz has questioned Kasich’s motivations for staying in the race, accusing him of playing the role of “spoiler” because it is mathematically impossible for the Ohio governor to win the nomination outright. “A vote for John Kasich is a vote for Donald Trump,” Cruz told reporters on Saturday.

In a string of whiny-little-girl Tweets, Weaver complains that the Cruz campaign is acting in bad faith and is playing the victim because they are calling Kasich what he is, an egomaniac who doesn’t care if Trump gets the nomination so long as he is in the news.

weaver snivel

Even thought the leftwing blog, makes a case for cooperation between Cruz and Kasich. What is being touted as insightful analysis is really the opposite. It works on the assumption that voters are fungible, that is, if Cruz does not compete in New York that his voters will dutifully pull the lever for Kasich. Sorry to break it to these guys but there is absolutely ZERO evidence that shows that to be the case.

The best thing Kasich can do is get out of the race and give GOP primary voters, no matter their preference, the choice between Cruz and Trump. Absent that choice, partisans of Cruz will continue to vote for him no matter if he campaigns in a state or not. Cruz voters are voting for Cruz, not for some Rube Goldberg open convention scheme that may see Kasich nominated.


This mewling is precisely what we’ve come to expect of Kasich and of any campaign associated with John Weaver: failure, pettiness, and blame shifting.



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