Sleazy Donald Trump's Flaccid And Incompetent Campaign Is Losing the Delegate Battle

Donald Trump Must Never Be President
Donald Trump is pretty much your average, spoiled rich kid who has made it into his dotage without ever having to do very much work. He is used to people doing what he tells them to do because he employs them, because they want something from him, or because he holds some other power over them. When he is forced to deal with people who owe him nothing and who have recognized him for the assclown that he is, unfortunate things happen. A few days ago I posted on how Trump, who won Louisiana by three points, is actually going to have fewer delegates that Ted Cruz and Cruz’s delegates are all on key convention committees.


A similar scenario is playing out in South Carolina where Trump won about a third of the vote, said another way two-thirds of South Carolina voters voted against Trump.

Donald Trump triumphed in South Carolina’s primary last month. Now, the state could be ground zero for his undoing.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich are aggressively mobilizing allies to recruit and elect their own South Carolina loyalists to the Republican National Convention — scheduled for late July in Cleveland.

All 50 of South Carolina’s delegates are duty-bound to support Trump on a first vote, but interviews with two dozen prospective delegates and party insiders — including several Trump backers — reveal a widespread belief that Cruz and Kasich will succeed in wresting the delegation away from Trump if the nomination fight heads to a second ballot. If Trump is unable to claim the nomination immediately, South Carolina could help tip the scales away from the New York billionaire.

Working against Trump is the fact that South Carolina’s potential delegates may be drawn only from the 925 party insiders who attended the state’s GOP convention in 2015. It’s a pool of party veterans who helped reelect the state’s GOP chairman Matt Moore — who has been vocally critical of Trump — with 83 percent support last year.

Some of the insiders who staffed that reelection fight are now working to help Kasich recruit delegates, even though the Ohio governor was trounced in the South Carolina primary, winning just 7 percent of the vote and finishing fifth among six candidates.

But it’s Cruz who enjoys support from much of the conservative activist class and seems best positioned to reap the support of double-agent delegates. Many prospective delegates contacted by POLITICO voiced support for Cruz and indicated they’d strongly consider voting for him on a second ballot.


A similar thing has already happened in Georgia:

A similar scenario in Coweta County, Georgia, last week exposed the relative inexperience of Trump’s delegate team.

Trump won the county by 12 points in the Super Tuesday primary, but Cruz’s supporters had secured a majority of positions to the county convention during precinct meetings before the voting even took place.

Cruz’s allies from the county will outnumber Trump’s about 9-to-1 at the district convention on April 16, and while those who end up in Cleveland will still be bound proportionally to Trump, they are almost certain to switch to Cruz in the case of a second ballot.

What this means is that if Trump goes to the convention without enough delegates to nominate him on the first ballot, he will not get the nomination because his delegates are actually Cruz loyalists.

Earlier today, Trump was whining like a three-year-old with a befouled diaper about the unfairness of it all. It was grotesque to listen to.

What Trump calls unfairness is really just his own laziness and incompetence. This is why his business ventures go bankrupt if he is actually involved in the management of the concern. And does he really think Vladimir Putin or ISIS are going to worry about what he thinks is fair? Of course not. The world is not AYSO soccer. You don’t get a participation trophy. The teams are not always evenly matched. Everyone doesn’t get equal playing time. People play to win. For a guy who talks so much smack about winning in between filing for bankruptcy and being hauled into court for fraud, you’d think Trump would understand that politics is about winning,too.



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