Is Renee Ellmers About To Endorse Donald Trump?

Rep. Sue Ellmers, R-N.C. speaks to reporters during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011, held by Republican Freshmen, asking the Senate to pass a budget bill. (AP Photo/Harry Hamburg)
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Rep. Sue Ellmers, R-N.C. practices her best pucker before her scheduled meeting with Donald Trump’s ass (AP Photo/Harry Hamburg; caption by me)

It certainly looks that way.


We know that she voted for Trump in the North Carolina primary, I guess I should put “know” in scare-quotes because she says she voted for Trump but who knows what she really did, and made a big deal about it but she stopped short of a formal endorsement:

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.), a member of the 2010 tea party class of Republicans who is facing her second consecutive primary challenge, told the News & Observer that she supported the front-runner.

“I think they want someone to go to Washington and shake things up,” she told the newspaper, referring to her constituents.

Why might that be? Well Ellmers, who was behind the scuttling of a law restricting late term abortion, has a Heritage Action score of 54. She’s facing a tough primary challenge in her June 7 primary from Representative George Holding (Heritage Action score of 89) and Greg Brannon, who has a strong RedState history and lost to Thom Tillis in the 2014 senate primary. By combining Establishment support with Trump’s anti-establishment message she can probably win a three-way primary.


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