(VIDEO) Watch Ted Cruz NOT Ask His Supporters To Attack Hecklers

Ted Cruz Head to Head
I posted a bit earlier today on Donald Trump’s sordid history of asking his supporters to physically attack hecklers and protesters. I understand that there are a lot of people who don’t have a problem with that. But doing so doesn’t make the candidate look big or important. Rather it creates the impression of a petty, immature, and thuggish little man and it gives us an insight into how he would govern.


What is more important is that not only is inciting violence a criminal act, it is unnecessary and everyone doesn’t do it.

Here I’m going to offer two examples of Ted Cruz confronting unhappy audience members and hard core hecklers. Compare an contrast how a man of character confronts unfriendly audience members and how Donald Trump does it:

First, Cruz is cornered in Iowa by a farmer who is irate over Cruz’s belief that the ethanol mandate is wrong:

Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses.

Back in August, Cruz was speaker at a rally against the shameful deal that Obama cut with Iran that gave them $150 billion in cash and will, inevitably, give them a nuclear weapon. He was heckled by Code Pink led by the ever dishonest and ugly Medea Benjamin:

This is a long clip, but a couple of minutes from anywhere is illustrative of how you make a heckler a prop for your message.


Many candidates can’t do this. Many more don’t have the patience to try, I can’t imagine someone unconcerned about the issues as Donald Trump holding his own with an irate farmer. But encouraging your supporters to assault people because they are giving you a hard time is not the way civilized people comport themselves, especially if they want to be president of the United States.


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