Is John Kasich About To Be Kicked Off the Ballot In Pennsylvania?

If not, then he’s at least got to go to court to defend himself:

A University of Pennsylvania student is trying to have Republican presidential candidate John Kasich removed from the state’s primary ballot.

Nathaniel Rome, a Penn sophomore and chairman of the Pennsylvania Students for Rubio network, has petitioned Commonwealth Court to remove Kasich from the April 26 primary election ballot, alleging that the Ohio governor did not meet the statutory requirement of at least 2,000 signatures on his nominating petition.

Rome, a resident of Strafford, Chester County, contends in his court filing that as many as 802 of the 2,184 signatures on the Kasich petition are invalid or ineligible, for multiple reasons.

Specifically, Rome claims that many of the signatures of Kasich’s electors do not match the signatures of their voter registration cards. Other electors, he says, are either not registered to vote, are not registered in the specified district or are not registered as Republicans. In several instances, the petition challenges illegible signatures or handwriting that appears to belong to third parties other than the stated elector.

As a result, Rome is asking the court to set aside Kasich’s nominating petition and remove him from the state’s April 26 primary ballot.


A court will hear the case on March 9.

The odds of the claim being true are astronomically high. So high we could call them a certainty. Establishment types don’t really think the rules apply to them. Why would Kasich bother with anything more than a pro forma nod in the direction of election laws? But will this be sufficient to get Kasich knocked off the ticket? If the GOP were actually run like a political party that had the needs and desires of the party membership foremost, then, yes. But this isn’t an imaginary GOP that we’re talking about. It is a oligarchic GOP that resists change with ever fiber of its being and exists solely for the enrichment of the insiders and consultants. So the answer is no.


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